Cities. Nature.

We help city officials & local governments build capacity around impact finance for heart-connected, nature-climate positive streets and ecosystems .

Impact finance capacity building

Investor curation & outreach 

We design & deliver bespoke technical advisory workshops for city officials.

Workshops moderation

We animate workshops with practitioners and peer cities on best practices & impact metrics.  

We coordinate interviews with all ranges of private investors in terms of risk, return and impact profile.


Tools, materials & maps

We assist with crafting  strategy & action tools to build bridges with the private sector.

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What people say

"Fascinating and very relevant speakers on the subject. I found these exchanges very interesting."

City & region officer

"This work finds an echo well beyond the scope of the initiative in focus but also on the technical and financial support  and indicators for the monitoring of our City action through all of its public policies."

"Action oriented, easy to understand insights on the sustainable finance landscape - highly useful material that I am sharing internally with colleagues."

Bank employee

Public official