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Co2 crescendo kitchen.jpg

Carbon Dioxide Crescendo

a chance for this art piece in your home against your email and a "what you can" philanthropic gesture

Champagne's bubbles slowly charge themselves with CO2.

The gaz allows for the bubbles to grow and sublime the wine 

Deadline - February 29 midnight

Thank you for providing your contact details. You will be notified by email if you are the winner of the draw on March 1st

People across the globe with more or less visible disabilities go unnoticed, and are left on their own to deal with life/or hardship.

Handicap international work for Humanity and Inclusion is exceptional and cannot be taken for granted. 

Contribute to the cause through this art giveaway and earn the chance to bring home a piece of abstract art aligned with the ideas of growth and collective action for joy and peace represented in the image of an effort-packed sparkling wine.

If you care, even a little, we all win as society and reclaim our voice as agents of change. 

Giveaway carbon crescendo cover.png


Are you eligible to participate? Whatever your home location, if you're a people and art lover, this challenge is for you.  

  • leave your email address (the winner will be notified by email)

  • Donate directly to the charity on the Instagram fundraise button


How it works?


Submit your email


Donate what you want on the instagram fundraise link


If you're the winner, you will receive an email on March 1st and get sent the art piece home,


if not, from now on, you will get an early bird access to our philanthropic events or a double count in our next giveaways as part of our Art Tasters community

handicap international.png

Elisa needs your creative and generous hearts for a minute or two. Having not figured out how to successfully do this since september, she knows that everyone has many things to think and care about.
"Maybe winning something could do the trick?" mentioned a friend. That's why she created this Giveway action in the run up to a series of Art Tastings for 2024. Plus, she likes the idea of getting your email to keep you in the loop of her immersive art endeavours and other projects :)

To get notified when Art Tastings or online giveaway actions take place, just provide
your email contact below. 

You're all set. Thank you !  

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