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Paris local carbon market set to bloom with a model empowering members and users at a local level

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Paris Carbon Cooperative has set the ambitious task of federating all stakeholders around the common goal of decarbonizing this 7.2 million residents territory through a multi-scale ecological stewardship paradigm.

The chosen organization model for this endeavor is the one, tried and tested, of the Cooperative (Société Coopérative d'intérêt Collectif). The coastal city of La Rochelle launched its own coop 2 years ago and helped the City of Paris and Paris Metropole get to grips with the model.

As Carbon establishes itself as an asset class and global governance third party and market-oriented mechanisms structure themselves around Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) such as carbon credits and PES-related transactions soar, it seems crucial to build bottom-up models that allow for everyone at a local level to take part in the race to Net Zero and Nature-positive world. The Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) model of the cooperative offers just that. It shares values, tools and resources with the Commons and Purpose companies approaches. These models set up benefit-sharing rules which strive to build a stakeholder economy while fostering a more heart-connected and inclusive society.

You can find out more about Paris Carbon Cooperative and its call for partners (financial) here.


Elisa Galvan Mondié acted as technical advisor to the Cooperative prior to its launch in Q4 2021 in partnership with the Global Fund for Cities in the context of the European initiative of the City Finance Lab.

The City Finance Lab is a platform managed by Climate-KIC & Southpole which supports the development of scalable & replicable financing solutions for climate-resilient low carbon cities.

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