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Coastal City La Rochelle Finance for Net Zero Workshops

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Over the course of 5 workshops between September & November 2020, FLOWi Cities gathered 10 financial players with highly different risk, return & impact profiles to help the Coopérative Carbone La Rochelle, France in its pre-launch phase with targeted strategy & practitioner's capacity building. The ongoing Technical Assistance is delivered in close partnership with the FMDV (Global Fund for Cities).

The discussions took place in the context of the EU City Finance Lab initiative (Southpole & Climate KIC joint venture) which strives to catalyse climate action in cities through innovative financing solutions.

In line with La Rochelle territory Net Zero strategy, and backing the Coopérative Carbone financial solution which is kick-starting its operations there, FLOWi designed & delivered technical assistance activities throughout 2020 in close cooperation with the local team and the FMDV (Global Fund for Cities).

• Ensured investor outreach and exchange through scouting, 40+ phone calls and the organization of 5 workshops in 2020 with European Investment Bank, the NEF, the Crédit Agricole, Bpi France, ADEME, Babyloan, the Fondation Nina et Daniel Carasso, Meridiam, Demeter, Vauban Infra, Quadia and Citizen Capital.

• Built capacity around different sources of sustainable funding by delivering a 2-hour course & mapping to an audience of public officials and private partners of the cooperative.

This work led to a second phase of activites - ongoing in 2021 - centering around a matrix and outreach tools as well as one-to-one knowledge sharing chats with philanthropy players on:

• Natural Capital, Blue Carbon, Land carbon sequestration

• Zero-Carbon Mobility (Hydrogen, Lithium)

• Circular economy

• Collective self-consumption & renewable energy communities



Coopérative Carbone La Rochelle - supporting local projects for a Net Zero Future

City Finance Lab technical assistance:

Global Fund for Cities (FMDV)

FLOWi Cities, Elisa GM Expert lead

About the City Finance Lab

The City Finance Lab (CFL) is a joint venture between EIT Climate-KIC and South Pole which supports the development of innovative, replicable and scalable financing solutions that increase investment in climate-resilient, low-carbon and green urban projects for sustainable cities.

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