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Squared Love



Crowdfunding campain pre-launch

Reserve your spot. We need you to make it happen.

Deadline - 15 December midnight

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With a magnificent sunrise, sunset and full moon view, Mark feels he is dying each day over and over again, Alice wants to change the world, Ella and Gaia play pirates at the park.

Squared Love is a graphic novel based on a true story of 4 people for which everything changes when the father is separated from his young family due to a chronic illness.


As they readjust to this new life where little makes sense, how can they find their way to cope, grow their love exponentially, and feel at peace with an impossible situation and, at the same time not giving up?

coeur de lune_edited.jpg

A story for all of those who care for a loved one or those ill

about the power of love, dealing with handicap and  a neurological chronic illness as a family

forging new identities and narratives,

 "keeping house while drowning" and subliming reality.

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