Can your project bring about positive impact in the development of diverse & innovative markets & economic opportunity which add value to society and the economy (including the labor market, financial services, entrepreneurship)?

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Inclusive, Healthy Economies

Development and creation of sustainable, diverse and innovative markets, that add value to society and the economy. This includes under-served social groups’ full and fair access to labour markets, finance and entrepreneurship and, more generally, economic opportunity. It also includes, but is not limited to, access to affordable, effective and safe financial services for individuals as well as micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises.


International source: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, OECD, United Nations Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance, United Nations Development Programme, SDGs

FLOWi Global Challenge 2019

Are you eligible to participate? Whatever your size or world location, if you're a mission-driven startup, growth or established company or a sustainable project seeking to make a direct or indirect positive impact on the issues mentioned above, including in Europe, then this challenge is for you.  

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